Sustainable Norwegian cod farming

The global market today is increasingly requesting stable deliveries of fresh cod and for the first time farmed cod, of a very high quality, can be produced successfully to a large scale to meet these demands. Meanwhile, the wild fish population is under pressure and dramatic cuts in fishing quotas for cod are being made. 

Norcod aims to fill the gap in the market for the demand of year-round high quality, sustainable and natural fresh cod. 

Norcod Fisherman


Our strategy is to take control of the value chain from sea to fork. Through our partnership with Sirena Group, a leading seafood sales company, we are able to coordinate the production and marketing efforts from day one. This enables us to tailor our production to meet the needs of the customer and deliver a unique value proposition by offering programmed sales solutions and supply outside the normal fresh cod season. Furthermore, we have a logistical setup that enables us to deliver our cod with very short lead times – customers in all of Europe will be able to receive the cod within 2-5 days from the cod leaving the water. This will ensure that the cod is always completely fresh upon arrival.

Premium Natural cod

Norwegian cod has provided the people of Norway with the nutrition they needed to get through the cold winters for centuries, and now with Norcod, the delicious white fish will be made available to the world year-round.

Norcod cod comes from the clear cold waters of the Norwegian Fjords, making it a great seafood choice due to its lean flaky white meat and delicious flavour. Learn more about how we farm our cod and the nutritional benefits of Norwegian cod.

CO2 Footprint

Sustainable practices are key for providing food to an ever-growing population. Since aquaculture has a very low carbon footprint it’s a great eco-friendly protein choice.

The Future

We need to start to consider that currently only 2% of the world’s food source derives from our ocean, by investing in cod farming we can protect our ocean and ensure the planet has enough food.


Cod is a brilliant healthy addition to the diet due to its incredibly lean and protein rich nature. In fact 96% of the calories in cod are from the protein content.

Animal Welfare

The welfare of our fish is of uppermost importance. We take considerable pride in looking after our cod, keeping the highest standards possible to ensure a healthy and happy cod.


Norcod CEO Hilde Storhaug

Ex-Kontali Analyst To Run Norway's Cod Farming Venture

The newly appointed managing director will lead the company's expansion.

Norcod Norwegian cod farm

Cod Farming Set For Rebound As Savvy Investors Rush To Back Norcod

Norwegian cod-farming venture Norcod has successfully raised new investment totalling NOK 105m (EUR 10.5m) in its ambitious journey to become the world's leading producer of responsibly farmed cod on an industrial scale.

ScaleAQ Landet Storkontrakt Med Totalleveranse Til Norcod

ScaleAQ signerte nylig siste del av en turnkey-leveranse til Norcod. Utstyret skal leveres til lokalitet Jamnungen, en av tre lokaliteter fra Norcod på Frøya