Today cod fry is of an excellent quality resulting in a cod that has much lower mortality, an absence of deformities and is much more domesticated. The cod has also become more robust and now grows much faster than before.

For questions and more information on investment opportunities get in touch via email: ir@norcod.no

Norcod at sea


  • Robust price environment on the back of decreasing quotas
  • Large steps have been taken in biology > commercially farmed cod is viable
  • Competitive advantage over wild cod through freshness and higher prices
  • Ability to deliver through the year (as opposed to wild cod), ensures premium prices
  • Current license capacity to reach a run-rate harvest profile of 10,000 tons within 2021
  • Firm plants and applications have already been mapped out to reach 30,000 tons
  • Exclusive agreements for critical input factors
  • Solid off-take agreement with Sirena Group secures transparent sakes strategy
CEO of Norcod


  • A highly qualified team with vast experience from aquaculture
  • Both CEO and board members have extensive experience from running aquaculture facilities
  • Highly credible BoD with key personnel from leading positions in management and boards

"The chance of success with profitable cod farming has never been greater than now!"

Strong support

  • Exceptional partner in Sirena Group providing unparalleled distribution and marketing initiatives
  • Norwegian government is highly supportive of cod farming
  • Solid industry partnerships


Our objectives are clear and simple; produce premium natural cod in a sustainable way. We see ourselves as a company who cares about our people, cod and the environment. If you would like to know more about the investment opportunities at Norcod please get in touch via email at ir@norcod.no


Norcod CEO Hilde Storhaug

Ex-Kontali Analyst To Run Norway's Cod Farming Venture

The newly appointed managing director will lead the company's expansion.

Norcod Norwegian cod farm

Cod Farming Set For Rebound As Savvy Investors Rush To Back Norcod

Norwegian cod-farming venture Norcod has successfully raised new investment totalling NOK 105m (EUR 10.5m) in its ambitious journey to become the world's leading producer of responsibly farmed cod on an industrial scale.

ScaleAQ Landet Storkontrakt Med Totalleveranse Til Norcod

ScaleAQ signerte nylig siste del av en turnkey-leveranse til Norcod. Utstyret skal leveres til lokalitet Jamnungen, en av tre lokaliteter fra Norcod på Frøya